Who we are......








  Midnight and Kamilla  Midnight and Marita

Kamilla and Marita  Marita and Kamilla 




Kamilla with Nihce    Tina is mating the puppies...  Tina with puppie 

  Luca and Kamilla    Torill and Luca

  Kamilla, Tina and Tara  Tina  Tara (Corsini Tarantella)


Kamilla with L-litter  Tina with Kahrisma 

Torill and the dogs... The beautiful nature at the "hut"

  The Cat, : Silk, Zera, and Tara are looking...


 Tina and Tara

   Uraz and Vega

Tina. Kamilla, Uraz and Vega Tina on snowboard Kamilla on snowboard Tina, Kamilla, Uraz and ??

    Torill  Marita and Zera   Tina and Harnellie   Kamilla and Ultra

Torill with Armani, Tara and ultra   The boss "silkemyken"  

  Our three kids and the G-litter   Tina, Marita and Kamilla with G-litterTorill and Thalin     

Marita is training Zera     Torill and Zera

Marita and Ronja   Tina, Marita and Ronja   Tina, Maren and Cola

The kids with Cola and Ronja     

Marita   Marita and Kamilla   Kamilla and Marita

   Tina   Tina and Kamilla

Kamilla`s rabbit   Tina`s rabbit   Marita`s rabbit

Kamilla and Tina with F-litter   Kamilla        

Our House   The garden   Our House

Tara and Armani       Torill and High Clearing`s Bijou 

Torill  with the E-litter  Marita and Lady   Marita and D-litter puppies    

 Tina   Tina and Vega   Tina and Uraz