....and Torill`s wonderboy, just called: "Gullgutten".......





Thalin 8 year Thalin 8 year Tina and Thalin



Pyrutuulen Mereneito and Thalin  Pyrutuulen Mereneito and Thalin



Thalin 5 1/2 year

...same day

...also same day

Tara and Thalin

Torill and Thalin   ....its mine!!!     

 Hexen House Boromir  Hexen House Boromir  Hexen House Boromir  Hexen House Boromir   Hexen House Boromir

Hexen House Boromir & Chevy's Djinga    Hexen House Boromir   

    There will never be someone like me.....      

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