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Important message:

We have had some problems with our computer, and all  our mailcontacts is deleted........,

So plaese to all our puppy"owners" and other dogfriends: when you are reading this, send us an mail, so we can put you into our contacts again.

Also you who are waiting for our new updates on litterplans, and already have made a request (we have lost this too...))



Merry Christmas to everybody !!!!

This is a game...........

Do you know anyone better ???????????????????????

( .... then you have to send us a picture and show us, and we will put the winner on our homepage....... and maybe you will get a surprice....)

    Chevy`s Harvilde (Djinga x Armani )

Chevy`s Harvilde " Vilde"

Vilde (Djinga x Armani)  Chevy`s Lucinda (Djinga x Swan)

New picture on Chevy`s Lucinda`s page



New picture of Chevy`s Lucandy who lives in Germany.....



New picture of:

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Luckie

Chevy`s Luca

Chevy`s Kahroma  Chevy`s Luckie and Chevy`s Luca  Chevy`s Luckie and Chevy`s Luca



Chevy`s Luclotus was BOB on puppishow in Sweden (19.11.06), ...... congratulaton to fam. Rydenståhl

Chevy`s Luclotus




Chevy`s Kahron have been on puppyshow:

BOB, and number 2 in the group.........congratulation to fam. Løvstad !!

some new picture on his side.....



Chevy`s Kahroma 

Chevy`s Kahroma was BOB and number 2 in the Group.....on a puppyshow 04.11.06... Congratulation so much to Iselin and Roma !!

New picture of:

Chevy`s Lucloke

Chevy`s Luckie



New showresults:

Chevy`s Kahrma was BOB and BIS on here first puppyshow, congrtualtion to Maia with family !!!

The second day she was BOB and BIS 5 !!

Chevy`s Ganiaki, got 2 CAC in the weekend and was BOS both days, congratulation to Laila and Kristian !!


Chevy`s Lucinda has been on show in Australia, and she was BOS of here puppyclass, from judge Mr Benoit Thevenon, congratulation to Vanessa!!

New picture of : Chevy`Kahroma


Chevy`s Kahrma   (Breakpoint`s Grand Duc of Coke  x  Corsini Tarantella)


Chevy`s Lucinda   (Swan de la Prariere de la Sommerau  x Chevy`s Djinga )



Chevy`s Ganiaki   (Hexen House Boromir  x  Vestertorp`s Viva de la Vega)


Chevy`s Kahrma


New picture of

Chevy`s Luca

Corsini Tarantella

Adventure of Zera




New pictures:

Chevy`s Lucifer

Chevy`s Luclotus

Chevy`s Luca

and some new puppie plans..., not Tervueren this time....




Chevy`s Kahroma, was BOB, 1 BIG and 3 BIS on a puppyshow yesterday..... Congratulation to Iselin and Roma !!

Karoma, BIS on puppy show

New picture of:

Chevy`s Djiengis

Chevy`s Farak

Chevy`s Fargas

Chevy`s Luca

Vestertorp`s Viva de la Vega

Vestertorp`s Viva de la Vega  Chevy`s Djiengis

mother and son

(Norw Ch Vestertorp`s Viva de la Vega ( 9 1/2 year )     and     Norw Ch Chevy`s Djiengis ( almost 8 year ))



New picture of :

Chevy`s Lucinda

Chevy`s Lucandy



Chevy`s Irakiara hips and Elbows are free ! (she is X-rayed in Sweden, where she lives... hips (A), elbows 0/0 )

New pictures of:

Chevy`s Luclotus



New picture`s:

Chevy`s Luckie

Chevy`s Lucloke

Chevy`s Kahron

Chevy`s Haran



Some new pictures:

Chevy`s Kahrisma

Chevy`s Luca

Hexen House Boromir

Chevy`s Kahrisma



Chevy`s Jeraija hips and Elbows are free (Hips: A, Elbows 0/0), she have also been on show again, in Laukaa (Finland).

She was second best female with exellent, and got here second certification, Congratulation  to Marja and Merja !!

Chevy`s Jeraija

The two girls in Australia (Chevy`s Kahrisma and Chevy`s Lucinda ) is also doing well,

and now it is only two days before they are comming out of quarantine and home !!!!! Jippi !!!

There are some more pictures on their sides....

Lucinda and Kahrisma 

Chevy`s Kahrisma  Chevy`s Lucinda




Chevy`s Fargas was best male and got res.CAC, Cacib and was BOB at Norw kennel klub show 10.09.06 (judge: Jesper Anderson)

Chevy`s Jeriva was second best female with res. CAC

Norw Ch Chevy`s Fargas  Chevy`s Jeriva

Some new pictures:

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Kahnsaz

Chevy`s Kahoko

Chevy`s Kahrma

Chevy`s Harvilde

Chevy`s Luca

Uraz van de Hoge Laer

Chevy`s Kahoko




New picture of:

Chevy`s Kahn

Chevy`s Kahrma

Chevy`s Kahnsaz

Chevy`s Kahnzas



New picture of :

Chevy`s Luclotus

Chevy`s Kahnsaz

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Irakiara

Hexen House Boromir

Vestertorp`s Viva de la Vega

and you can follow this link ( http://www.tervueren.dk/kahriffdanmark.htm )  to se a lot of picture of Chevy`s Kahriff

Chevy`s Luclotus




Finally some updates........ 

Kah..., Kahron and  Kahriff

We have 2 malepuppie for sale, take a look at puppies page 

New picture (and some new page..) at this dogs:

Chevy`s K-Litter

Chevy`s L-Litter

 (Chevy`s Kahn, Chevy`s Kahriff, Chevy`s Kahroma, Chevy`s Kahron, Chevy`s Kahnti, Chevy`s Kahrisma )

( Chevy`s Luca, Chevy`s Luckie, Chevy`s Lucandy, Chevy`s Luclotus, Chevy`s Lucloke, Chevy`s Lucinda )

Hexen House Boromir

Chevy`s Eyza

Armani van de Hoge Laer

Chevy`s Jeriva

Chevy`s Irack

Uraz van de Hoge Laer

and also some new picture on about us



Two more puppies have moved their new home:

Chevy`s Luckie

Chevy`s Lucloke

Chevy`s Luca will live with us......

L-litter  K-litter  L-liter

Ursula (owner of Chevy`s Lucandy) with Djinga, Vega and Tara



Photo by Kristin Monsen  Kahrma and Kahrisma, Photo by K. Monsen

The puppies have now started to move to their new homes..... 

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Kahoko

Chevy`s Kahrma

Chevy`s Kahn

Chevy`s Lucandy

Chevy`s Luclotus


some new picture of:

Chevy`s Eyzon

...and from the spesialityshow (click at the dogs name under..)


Some results of the Chevy dogs that was placed at theNorw specialityshow  in Hemsedal


Chevy`s Jerigo  res.CAC,3 Best male

Chevy`s Eyzer res.CAC, 4 Best male

Chevy`s Fargas res.CAC

Chevy`s Irack 1.price, 5 in winnerclass

Chevy`s Harhelix res.CAC


Chevy`s Eyzer res.CAC, 3 Best male

Chevy`s Fargas  res,CAC

Chevy`s Fargas, photo by Montmorenja



Chevy`s Jeraija has been on show ( Tampere Dog show), 

she got excellent, and was 2 Best female!!! Congratulation to Marja and Merja.......

New picture of the puppies;


L -Litter

and also new pictures of 

Chevy`s  Fariko




.....more puppiepictures...



 new picture of :

Chevy`s Irack


and also a big Congratulation to the father of our K-Litter

Breakpoint`s Grand Duc of Coke

He was Best In Show at the spesiality show in Holland today......





Some new puppiepicture.....







Heeeeeei everyone....)))

WOW, Congratulation to Maren and Chevy`s Eyza, they won ;

Agility class 1-Large

Jump class 1 - Large

and was the winner team  at agility "team competition".........

New showresultas:

Norw DK Ch Chevy`s Eyzer got res CAC and was best male at our spesiality show yesterday (13.05.06)

Norw Ch Chevy`s Fargas, also got res CAC and was 3 best male

Norw Ch Chevy`s Djiengis is now a veteran, and was BIS vet, and was placed 4 best male with res.CAC

Norw Ch Chevy`s Djiengis  Norw Ch Chevy`s Djiengis  Norw DK Ch Chevy`s Eyzer  Norw DK Ch Chevy`s Eyzer


Chevy`s Jerigo Hips and Elbows are free ( both with A)


.............and ofcourse, some new picture of the puppies


L- litter




some new picture of the puppies





Congratulation to Eva and Chevy`s Fariko, they got 1 price obidience klass 2, and won this class !! (NKK Harstad 23.04.06), They are now ready for level 3

New picture of the puppies



and of:

Chevy`s Irack



New picture of:

Norw Ch Chevy`s Djiengis

Norw Ch Chevy`s Fargas

Both this males is available for breeding


New picture of our K-Litter, and also of the L-Litter

photo by Chevy

Norw Ch Chevy`s Fargas (Qwinten van`t Sparrebos x Chevy`s Djinga)



Djinga (Norw Ch NV 00 Chevy`s Djinga ) gave birth to 3 males and 4 females today!  Take a look at puppies page...



Tara (Norw Ch Corsini Tarantella) gave birth to 5 males & 4 females today!  Take a look at puppies page....



Chevy`s Eyzer got res.CAC and was BOS at show

Chevy`s Jeriva was second best female with res.CAC

Chevy`s Ganiaki was third best female

  Photo by kennel Chicla

Norw Danish Ch Chevy`s Eyzer (also a lot of new picture of Eyzer at his page..., "click" at picture..))


Chevy`s Jeriva hips and Elbows are free (both with A)


Djinga and Tara...





... "time is running".... and Tara and Djinga will soon get their puppies...))

Tina and Tara  Tina and Tara Tina and Tara

Kamilla and Djinga Tina and Djinga  Tara



Some new picture of:

Chevy`s Haran

Chevy`s Jeraija

Chevy`s a Seiko Wawemaker

Chevy`s Fariko

Corsini Tarantella

Chevy`s Djinga

Tara,  Djinga (the two pregnant females) and Vega...



New Showresult`s:

Norw Danish CH Chevy`s Eyzer got res.CAC, and was 2 best male

Chevy`s Ganiaki,  res.CAC and was 2 best female

Chevy`s Jeriva, res.CAC and 4 best female


We also wan`t to send a big Congratulation to Hanne and Robert kennel Certavia with this beautiful male:

Certavia`s Ezepplin  (Fakaiser`s Giono x Chevy`s Ganiaki)

He got:, CAC, BOB and was 1BIG only 10 month  !

Other News:

Both Now CH Corsini Tarantella and Norw Ch Chevy`s Djinga is now mated, take a look at Future page and contact us if you want some more information !

Puppies probably to be expected in the middle of April, for delivering in Juni!!

Breakpoint`s Grand Duc of Coke and Corsini Tarantella



A lot of new picture of Chevy`s Eyzer, taken today, not with full coat, but....., 

take a look if you want !!

Norw Ch DK Ch Chevy`s Eyzer almost 6 years...



First of all;    Happy Birthday to our I- Litter

Some updates on the future page


Norw Ch NV 00 Chevy`s Djinga ( 7 year, picture taken 12.01.06)

(Norw Ch Hexen House Boromir  x  Norw Ch Vestertorp`s Viva de la Vega)



Some new picture of Vega and Thalin

NUCH Hexen House Borormir "Thalin" NUCH Vestertorp`s Viva de la Vega 



Happy New Year!

Some new picture of Chevy`s Harvilde  (Armani van de Hoge Laer  x  NUCH NV 00 Chevy`s Djinga)

and some links to Finland


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