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Some new picture of Chevy`s Jeraija, from a show in Finland a couple of mounth ago......

We are planning two litters next year, take a look at Future  page if you want some more information!!

And Please Contact us if you have any question !!




Chevy`s Irax got first price obidience level 1 (06.11.05)! He is now ready for level II !! 

He`s sister Chevy`s Ira got second price level 1 and "silver-medal"!

We wich you both "good luck" at the next competition !

Chevy`s Iraina ("Ipsa") has been on show, she got a first price !



Chevy`s Ganiaki "Jaki" got CAC and was BOB today! Congratulation to here owners!!, 

and Jaki`s two "puppies" ;

 Certavia`s Ezeppelin and Certavia`s Enterah was BOB and BOS, Congratulation also to Hanne and Robert at kennel Certavia





Chevy`s Jeraija have been on show in Finland (23.10.05), she was 4 Best female with, with res - CC, Congratulation to Marja and Merja !!

Marja and Jerva Sept 05

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Our dogs are getting older.....  here are some new picture of the dogs who are living with us:

(there are also some new picture of some of this dogs at their own page..)

First of all Norw Ch Hexen House Boromir was 8 year 21.10.2005, and is still the best!!... he will love to be congratulated )))

(He is father to our D and G Litters, and grandfather to our F, H, I and J-litter)

Thalin when he was a puppy....

......on the same day, just another year (2002) our Zera was born:

(She still don`t have any litter, but maybe some day...))



Also Uraz van de Hoge Laer has been older, 9 year 06.10.2005, he`s celebration was in the mountain:

(He is father to our E - Litter, and Granfather to our H-litter)

Uraz(to the left), Kjartan and the femaes Uraz 9 year


Norw Ch Vestertorp`s Viva de la Vega (born 29.05.1997),  eight and a half year !

( Mother of our D, E and G - Litters, and Grandmother to our F, H , I, J)


Norw Ch NV00 Chevy`s Djinga will be 7 years 15.11.2005

( Mother of F, H and I - Litters)


Norw Ch Corsini Tarantella (born 02.02.2002)she is already three and a half year...

(Mother of our J-Litter)


And in the end, "THE BOSS"   our wonderful cat  "Rainbow End`s Silkemyken", he is 10 years now, but behave and looks  like he is 2...


There are also a couple of new picture on our familypage...




... only some new picture

Chevy`s Haran

Chevy`s Irack

Chevy`s Harhelix

Chevy`s Irax (Felix) has done a Swedish MH..., take a look at this page for more information:   Irax MH




Yesterday Maren won agility class 1 with Chevy`s Eyza, She`s only 12 years old ...... Congratulation Maren !! Well done!!

Maren and Eyza, first place  Maren and Eyza , first place

New show today.... ( Norwegian spesiality)

Chevy`s Harhelix got CAC, and was second best male, Congratulation to Wenche !!

Chevy`s Jeriva ( only 10 months old..) got CAC, and was BOB and BIS 2 !  Congratulation to Reidun !!

Chevy`s Jeriva and Chevy`s Harhelix Chevy`s Harhelix Chevy`s Harhelix Chevy`s Jeriva 



We had three dogs on NKK int. show today....

Chevy`s Harhelix got res.CAC, CACIB and was 3 best male today

Chevy`s Irack won his class, and got price of honor

Chevy`s Irashakira got a second price, totaly out of coat.....

Some new picture of  Chevy`s Harhelix and Chevy`s Ganiaki

Wenche and Chevy`s Harhelix   Helix, Djinga, Vega and Tara  Thalin

Zera Kamilla and Zera Zera




Norw Ch Chevy`s Harvilde (Armani van de Hoge Laer x Norw Ch Chevy`s Djinga) 

got res.CAC and was BOB today..... Congratulation!

Norw Ch Chevy`s Harvilde "Vilde" 



Chevy`s Jeraija have moved from us to here new family in Finland, ...

we will miss this happy little girl, but she already loves here new mum Marja. We wish you both "all the best"......))


NorwCh Chevy`s Harvilde was 2 best female with res.CAC at the Danish Spesiality show, (jugde: Mrs Jean Lawless ) Congratulation !!


New picture of:

Armani van de Hoge Laer

Chevy`s Irax

...and som picture of our "new" house , almost finished.....




New picture of Chevy`s Irashakira  



Chevy`s Harhelix "Helix", got CAC and was second best male in Moss (30.07.05)

Chevy`s Jerryh was second best malepuppy

Congratulation !!

Chevy`s Harhelix Chevy`s Jerryh


some new picture of Chevy`s Irack (the dog who have a "heart" in is face....))



New showresults :

Chevy`s Jerigo was BOB - puppy

Chevy`s Jeraija was BOS - puppy

Norwch Corsini Tarantella got res.CAC, and was BOS, also some new picture of here...

Tara, Torill and Linda

New picture of:

Chevy`s Harhelix

Chevy`s Irax

Chevy`s Jerryh




Our F-litter (or male-litter) is 4 years today... happy birthday to you all...)))


Zippo (Chevy`s Farazippo) on his birthday...))



Some new results...

Chevy`s Harvilde:

res.CAC, 2 Best female

Chevy`s Gandhi :

res.CAC, BOB , 3 BIG  ( jugde: Wenche Eikeseth)

(18.06.05) res.CAC, 2 Best male (jugde: Gert Cristensen)

Congratulation to you both.....



Chevy`s Harvilde got CAC and was BOS today, and she is now a Nowegian Champion !! Congratulation to her owners !

She is also eyetested clear.


New picture of Chevy`s Jeriva

Chevy`s Ira is free on Hips (A) and Elbows (A)




Chevy`s Iraina and Chevy`s Iraja`s Hips and Elbows are Free, both with A

Chevy`s Harvilde won obidience klass II (21.05.05) Congratulation!, also some new picture of her !

New picture of :

Corsini Tarantella

Chevy`s Jeraija

Chevy`s Irakiara

Chevy`s Harvilde  Zera and Kamilla Corsini Tarantella




New picture of : Chevy`s Harhelix



Chevy`s Harvilde got first price obedience level II, (11.05.05), and she is now ready for level III. Congratulation to Ann Merethe and Finn!!

Some new pictures:

Marita and Zera

Chevy`s Irakiara



Congratulation to Chevy`s Irax (Felix) and his owners with first price in D-"searching" with 265 p, he is now able to compete in higher class...

you can take a look at his page, if you want: Felix page

Chevy`s Irack Hips and Elbows are free, both with A

New picture of:

Chevy`s Harnero

Chevy`s Iraina

Chevy`s Jerigo

Chevy`s Jeraija

Chevy`s Jeraija



We have a female born 08.11.04 for sale! Take a look at here page (Chevy`s Jeraija) to see picture of here, 

and contact us if you want to know more...!

Some new picture: 

Armani van de Hoge Laer (and his mum...)

Chevy`s Eyza

Chevy`s Irax

Chevy`s Ira

Chevy`s Irakiara

Chevy`s Jerva

and also a picture of Tina...

Other news:

Chevy`s Djippi`s Hips are free (A)

Chevy`s Ganiaki and Fakaiser`s Giono `s puppies was born 07.04.05 (4 males 2 females), take a look at kennel Certavia


Chevy`s Jeriva Corsini Tarantella, Chevy`s Djinga and Hexen House Boromir Corsini Tarantella and Chevy`s Djinga

Hexen House Borormir Uraz van de Hoge Laer

Vega and Djinga Vestertorp`s Viva de la vega

  Chevy`s Jeriva Hexen House Boromir




New picture of:

 Chevy`s Jeraija

Chevy`s Djinga

Chevy`s Jeriva

and Chevy`s Irakiara have moved to here new home....... some new pictures on here page..

Chevy`s Djinga and Chevy`s Jeriva Chevy`s Djinga and Chevy`s Jeriva



Picture of Chevy`s Jeraija

and some new picture "about us"

...more picture of  Chevy`s Kiara  and here brother Chevy`s  Irack...



Chevy`s Irax (Felix) Hips and elbows are free, both with  (A), 

he also got his own homepage.., take a look at : Chevy`s Irax

And some new picture:

Chevy`s Jeriva

Chevy`s Irakiara

Chevy`s Jerva




Chevy`s Irax "Felix" and...??

New page;  memories.....

J-litter have got their own page

Chevy`s Jeriva is also under our females

New picture of Chevy`s Irax

New picture of Chevy`s Ganiaki, she is now mated to Fakaiser`s Giono, take a look at kennel Certavia`s  homepage !



Some new picture of :

Chevy`s Irakiara

Chevy`s Irax

Kjartan and Chevy`s Ganhlin 



...some new puppie picture.

Chevy`s Jeriva and "Isi"



The I-Litter is 1 year today ! Irack and Linda + Kiara  made this card;

...and the same to Irack`s mum (Linda), she is 20 year today !!

Also a couple puppie-picture



We have put out some new pictures of the puppies from the two last week

The puppies are on their way to their new families, and soon each puppie will get their own page.....


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