Armani van de Hoge Laer

.... we will always think about you as the most friendly soul.... and thank you Armani for all the good memories!!

 We will always miss you!!!

 Eli Einar andTorill

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Norw Ch Hexen House Boromir " Thalin"

Born: 21.10.1997, Died : 02.04.2007

Our wonderful dog,  Hexen House Boromir " Thalin" is no longer with us.... and no words can describe it....

we have a lot of good memories, and for Torill he had a spesial place in here heart, but we will all miss him a lot, and he will never be forgotten!!

                                                   This picture is telling you exactly how he was..............

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Died 04.11.04 ! She was very sick !

It was terrible to loose this dog, and we know we`ll never get a dog like this again....Never!...


But this dog was so much more , no word can describe here.....


This is from here last days......

She is resting in peace now, without no pain ! Sleep well Ultra...we will never forget you!

From: Torill, Marita, Tina and Kamilla and ofcourse Linda and Ronny at Kennel Nadjarah, Norway

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