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Kids, School, dogs, work , everything is taking time...., but finally some updates... ,

every puppy in the N-litter and O-litter will soon get their own page... ( just need some time ),

still three puppie`s for sale, take a look at puppies page

Chevy`s Kahoko an Chevy`s Kahroma have got some CAC the last time, congratulation to bouth Tanja and Iselin !!

Chevy`s Kaoko and Chevy`s Kahroma


Chevy`s Lucloke is Free on Hips and Elbows, both with A/A

Link to new homepages:

Chevy`s Nihx

Chevy`s Djiengis and Chevy`s Fargas

Torill,High Clearing`s Friendship and Chevy`s Luca  Chevy`s Oaktava and Chevy`s Nihndigo  Chevy`s Nihndigo

........ more news will come soon...




New picture of:

Chevy`s Kahrma

Chevy`s Kahoko was best junior female with res.CAC and 4th best female at NKK international show

Chevy`s Kahroma was second best junior female with HP ( Honour prize)

Chevy`s Luclotus, have been on spesiality in Sweden,

he was best junior male, with res.CAC, and was BIS 2 Junior, congratulation to fam Rydenståhl !! and thank you to kennel Bästdal for showing him... !!

Chevy`s Luclotus ( Swan de la Prariere de la sommerau x Chevy`s Djinga )  Chevy`s Kahoko ( Breakpoint`s Grand Duc of Coke x Corsini Tarantella )

The puppies have started to leave our home, into their new homes...., picture and their own page will come soon....

but some new "old" picture of he puppies..... N-litter, and O-litter !

We still have some beautiful puppies left for sale, please contact us for more information... kennel.chevy@c2i.net

Chevy`s Kahnsaz is Free on Hips and Elbows, both with A

Chevy`s Nihx with "his" rabbit....))) ( picture taken by Roar Christiansen )



Chevy`s Kahrisma, pass herdingtest in Australia, and got Herding instinct Certificate ( HIC ), Congratulation to Kathrin at Mirribandi

A lot of new picture of the puppies......

N - Litter ( Chevy`s Eyzer  x  Corsini Tarantella )

O - Litter ( Uraz van de Hoge Laer  x  Chevy`s Djinga )

Alo some new picture of:

Chevy`s Lucifer

Chevy`s Luclotus

High Clearing`s Friendship


 Chevy`s Kahn, Kahriff, Kahron, Kahrma and Kahrisma is all Free on hips and Elbows


Chevy`s Luclotus, Luckie and Luca is free on both His and Elbows.....

    Chevy`s Luclotus




New page: the memoriepage

New picture of Chevy`s Kahoko ( Breakpoint`s Grand Duc of Coke  x  Corsini Tarantella )

New picture of N-Litter ( Chevy`s Eyzer  x  Corsini Tarantella )




New picture of the O-litter ( Uraz van de Hoge Laer   x   Chevy`s Djinga )




some new picture of the puppies





some new picture on puppies page.....




Djinga`s puppies was born 16.06.07

Chevy`s Djinga and Uraz van de Hoge Laer got 6 puppies, 4 males and 2 females, take a look at puppies page for more information


And Tara`s litter is one week today... picture will come....

 Tara puppie



Puppies born 12.06.07

Tara ( Corsini Tarantella) and Eyzer ( Chevy`s Eyzer ) got 9 puppies, 7 males and 2 females, take a look at puppies page for more information



... finally some updates...

Vestertorp`s Viva de laVega was 10 year  29.05.07 !! and is still going strong...

vega 10 year  Djinga (pregnant) and Vega   

New picture of:

High Clearing`s Tirna  ( and here way to say "hello", ...))

Chevy`s Irack

Chevy`s Kahriff

Chevy`s Eyzhekla

Chevy`s Lucloke

and a pregnant Chevy`s Djinga



BIS Junior Chevy`s Kahron  BOS and BOB 

Showresults from the Norwegian spesialityshow in Hemsedal (  judge: Marie-France Varlet )

Chevy`s Eyzer, 3rd best male with res. CAC, BOB veteran, and BEST IN SHOW Veteran also this day !!

Chevy`s Kahron got CAC, was 2nd Best male, BOB junior, and BEST IN SHOW junior  !!

Chevy`s Kahrma got res. CAC, was 4th Best female, BOS junior

High Clearing`s Friendship was BOB puppy, and 2nd BEST IN SHOW

Chevy`s Kahroma got first price with HP ( honour prize)

Chevy`s Luckie got first price

Chevy`s Ganiaki got first price

and we was BEST IN SHOW breedergroup !!!

Chevy`s Eyzer,Chevy`s  Kahron,Chevy`s  Kahrma and Chevy`s Luca 


Chevy`s Kahron, Chevy`s Kahroma and Breakpoint`s Grand Duc of Coke



Norwegian spesialityshow in Hemsedal ( judge: Amanda Mc. Laren )

Chevy`s Eyzer was 2nd best male with res. CAC, BOB veteran, and BEST IN SHOW veteran !!

Chevy`s Kahron got CAC, was 3rd Best male, BOB junior and BEST IN SHOW junior !!, congratulation to Eli and Per Arne with family !!

Chevy`s Kahrma got CAC, was Best female, BOS, and BOS junior, congratulation to Maja !!

High Clearing`s Friendship was BOB, and 2nd BEST IN SHOW

Chevy`s Kahroma got first price

Chevy`s Luckie got first price

We also was BEST IN SHOW breeders group.

Chevy`s Eyzer  Chevy`s Eyzer  Kamilla and Luca

Chevy`s Kahrma    BIS junior, Chevy`s Kahron  Chevy`s Luckie



Chevy`s Luclotus was 2nd BIS junior with res. CAC at a special show in Sweden, Congratulation to fam. Rydenståhl !!

some new picture at his page....

Thank you to kennel Bastdal for all the help and Merete Oudmayer and Bastdals for lovely pictures...




First of all:  Thank you so much for all the congratulations  !!!!!!

At SBK`s show : ( judge Gro Berg Johansen ), we got these results:

Norw Danish Ch Chevy`s Eyzer , re.CAC, BOB, BEST IN SHOW veteran and 3 BEST IN GROUP

Chevy`s Jeriva,  CAC, BOS

Chevy`s Luca, re. CAC, 2 best female

    Chevy`s Eyzer  Chevy`S Luca  Chevy`s Luca



  Armani van de Hoge Laer  Armani van de Hoge Laer  Armani van de Hoge Laer

At the Norw spesialityshow in Rogaland we got these results....... ( judge: Marion Ten Cate ):

Armani van de Hoge Laer, CAC, BOB, 2nd BEST IN SHOW!!

Norw Danish Ch Chevy`s Eyzer, re.CAC, 2 Best male, BEST IN SHOW veteran !!

Chevy`s Jeriva, res.CAC, 2 Best female

Chevy`s Kahroma, re.CAC, 3 Best female

Chevy`s Luca, re. CAC, 4 Best female

Norw Ch Chevy`s Fargas, re. CAC

Chevy`s Kahrma, re.CAC

High Clearing`s Friendship, BOB puppy, 2nd BEST IN SHOW puppie !!

High Clearing`s Friendship ( Tir`na)  Torill and High Clearing`s Friendship ( Tir`na)

And our kids Tina and Kamilla showed their own dogs in the children class, Tina and Tirna won this class.....

Tina and Tir`na  Tina and Tir`na   Kamilla and Luca 

( Tina and Tir`na are proud...)                                     ( Kamilla and Luca "borrow" one of Armani`s cup.....)

New link to :

New picture of :

Chevy`s Maikee

Chevy`s Lucifer

Chevy`s Irakiara

Chevy`s Irack

Thank you so much Iselin Wang for all the lovely pictures!!!


And we are expecting two litters in June ;

Litter 1 (about week 23)

Norw Ch Corsini Tarantella   x   Norw Ch Chevy`s Eyzer

Eyzer  Tara

Litter 2 (about week 24 )

Norw Ch NW 00Chevy`s Djinga  x Uraz van de Hoge Laer

Uraz  Djinga




Some pictures from Luca`s and Luclotus birthday........

Kamilla invite friends an family for the "big day", and we "are afraid" thay she maybe have made a standard for the future.......


Also new pictures of:

Chevy`s Lucinda

Chevy`s Haran



Our L- Litter is 1 year today ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY !), and we got this from fam. Rydenståhl:

from:     Luclotus  "Lotus" in Sweden !!

New pictures of Chevy`s Maikee in here new home



First of all..., our K-litter was 1 year 14.04.07, happy birthday to you all:

Kahn, Kahriff, Kahron, Kahnti, Kahnsaz, Kahroma, Kahoko, Kahrisma and Kahrma!  this is from Iselin and Roma;

New picture of :

Chevy`s Kahron

Corsini Tarantella has been mated to Chevy`s Eyzer, take a look at future



....... some terrible days at kennel Chevy....., our wonderful dog,  Hexen House Boromir " Thalin" is no longer with us.... and no words can describe it....

we have a lot of good memories, and for Torill he had a spesial place in here heart, but we will all miss him a lot, and he will never be forgotten!!

                                                   This picture is telling you exactly how he was..............



Chevy`s Maikee and Chevy`s Maijka have moved to their new homes,

we wish them both all the best together with their new family`s, and thank you for nine lovely weeks, we will miss you bouth !!

Norw Danish Ch Chevy`s Eyzer got res.CAC, Cacib and was BOS at Norwegian international show in Bergen (24.03.2007) jugde: Sonny Stöm,

-but we did not have in mind that Eyzer already have been a veteran, so maybe he will try the veteran class next time...?!?!....., we don`t know if this says most about us,- or Eyzer....)))

Norw Ch Corsini Tarantella got res. CAC, and was placed 4 best female!

Chevy`s Kahoko and Chevy`s Kahroma got both first price!

New picture of :

Armani van de Hoge Laer

Chevy`s Maikee

Chevy`s Maijka

Chevy`s Eyzer

Chevy`s  Luca

Chevy`s Lucloke

Chevy`s Lucifer

Corsini Tarantella

Hexen House Boromir

High Clearing`s Friendship

.... and Corsini Tarantella have started here season, and will be mated  in April..


High Clearing`s Friendship ( Tir`na) and Chevy`s Maikee




New picture og Chevy`s Kahriff

Chevy`s Kahroma have been on show again: she got: 1-1 and honourprice

Chevy`s Maikee and Chevy`s Maijka have got their own pages.... M-litter,

and Corsini Tarantella will come into season everytime now.....take a look at future



Chevy`s Lucandy have been on show in Germany, jugde; Mr. Griol gave her an Excellent and the 2. Place in the young class, congratulation to Uschi and Waltraud !!

New picture of:

Chevy`s Luclotus

Chevy`s Irakiara

Chevy`s Maijka  &  Chevy`s Maikee


Congratulation to Chevy`s Kahroma with CAC at the Norwegian kennel Club show in Bø ( Telemark)

New picture of High Clearings Friendship

and a cople of picture of the poodles....



Our new female from Belgium has arrived to Norway.....

High Clearing`s Friendship  "  Tir`na "

New picture of:

Poddle puppies......

Chevy`s Irakiara

Chevy`s Luca

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Kahrma

Chevy`s Kahnzas





New picture of:

Chevy`s Eyza

Uraz van de Hoge Laer

Hexen House Boromir

and a couple of pictures of the two poodle puppies



New picture:

Chevy`s Lucifer

Chevs Kahroma

Chevy`s Kahrma

Chevy`s Lucinda, So far she has won 4 challenges and 2 BOB

ant our two small poddle puppies is doing well and has grown a lot the last days....



Zera got here puppis yesterday ( 23.01.2007 ), two black females !!

"click" at the picture to see more...

Chevy`s M.........,   and   Chevy`s M.........


New pictures:

Chevy`s Kahrisma

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Kahnsaz

Chevy`s Lucandy

Chevy`s Kahroma





We are happy to introduce our new female this year,

High Clearing`s ????       from: ( Stavropol de la Clairiere aux Louves x High Clearing`s Zephire )

Here page will come very soon, she was born on Christmas evening and will be co-owned with kennel Nadjarah


We are also happy to tell you that our poodle "Zera" is pregnant, she will have here puppies about 27 January,

and the father of the puppies is this lovely brown dwarf male:

Eugenios Power Powder

Take a look at future page or contact us for more information......


And this competition is still going on....

This is a game...........   Do you know anyone better ???????????????????????

( .... then you have to send us a picture and show us, and we will put the winner on our homepage....... and maybe you will get a surprice....)

    Chevy`s Harvilde (Djinga x Armani )

Chevy`s Harvilde " Vilde"


A couple of new picture of  Luca  when she is opening here christmas present.....


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