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Chevy`s Nihmon and Chevy`s Kahoko is both is free on Hips and Elbows !

Chevy`s Nihmon


Lot`s of new picture in our familypage (about us) .....


Chevy`s Kahrma and Maia are ready for klass 2 in agility ! Congratulation !! We wish you both good Luck !!

New picture of Chevy`s Luca


We have got 2 new Norwegian Champions in our breeding:

Chevy`s Kahroma and Chevy`s Kahoko, congratulation to both Iselin and Tanja!!



Spesialityshow in Hemsedal 2008 ( Sunday 11.05.08)

Chevy`s Luclotus

Chevy`s Kahron

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Kahoko

Chevy`s Kahriff exc

Chevy`s Nihx

Chevy`s Oakantoh

Chevy`s Oaknuria

Chevy`s Eyzer

High Clearing`s Friendship



(saturday 10.05.08 ) judge: Cathy Bond

Chevy`s Luclotus: exc, CAC, BOS

Chevy`s Kahron: exc, res.CAC, 3rd Best male

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Nihx: exc, res.CAC

Chevy`s Nihnja: 2nd in junior class

Chevy`s Oakantoh: exc and honour prize

Chevy`s Oaknuria: exc and honour prize

Chevy`s Eyzer: exc, res.CAC, BOB veteran, Best in Show 2 veteran

High Clearing`s Friendship:


Chevy`s Luclotus have done a good MH test in Sweden



Congratulation to fam Rydenståhl in Sweden with Chevy`s Luclotus;

  - he was 2nd best male, BOB (young dog) and BIS 2 (young dog) at a swedish specialityshow !! Thank you Merete Oudmayer for beautiful pictures!

New pictures of:

Chevy`s Eyzer

Chevy`s Djinga

Chevy`s Oaknuria

Chevy`s Oaktava

Chevy`s Irakiara



We lost one more of our wonderful dogs yesterday



New pictures of:

Chevy`s Nihx  ( very very beautiful pictures, absolutely worth to take a look, thank you Roar and Linda, he is sooooooo lovely...!! )

Chevy`s Oakantoh

Chevy`s Kahroma

Chevy`s Kahriff

Chevy`s Harhelix

Chevy`s Kahroma  Chevy`s Kahriff  Chevy`s Oakantoh Chevy`s Harhelix

Planned litter on  puppiespage

And at least:



Show results SBK Jærutstillingen:

Chevy`s Eyzer res CAC, BOS, BOB vet, BEST IN SHOW vet.!

Chevy`s Oakantoh exc 1 in Junior class, hounor prize

Chevy`s Kahroma res.CAC, 2 Best female

Chevy`s Luca res.CAC

High Clearing`s Friendship exc, 2nd in juniorclass

Chevy`s Nihnja 2nd prize

Our new Family-member:

Midnight ( he will soon get his own page)




Showresults Norwegian kennel club

Chevy`s Kahroma   CAC, CACIB, BOB, congratulation to Iselin !

Chevy`s Oakantoh   CAC 2nd Best male, congratulation to Laila and Kristian. Greetings also from Linda!

New picture of:

Chevy`s Nihmon


Mars 2008

Luca is getting a snowbath....

Some new pictures:

Chevy`s Harhelix

Chevy`s Nihndigo

High Clearing`s Friendship

Uraz van de Hoge LAer

Chevy`s Luca

Chevy`s Oaktavo


Chevy`s Luca, Uraz van de Hoge Laer, High Cleariing`s Friendship



Februar 2008

Some new pictures and results from show:

Chevy`s Nihnja was shown to BOB, BIG 1, and BIS puppy by here young owner: Hilde,

WOW, and congratulation!!!!  ( We still miss some pictures.... :-), but did find this text written in DOG WORLD ( 22 Feb - 08 ), by Andrew Brace



Chevy`s Oakantoh was BOS

Chevy`s Oakantoh

New pictures of:

Chevy`s Luckie

Chevy`s Nihndigo

Chevy`s Oaktavo



Finally some updates again...

We have had some computer problems , and all our mailcontacts is gone....

so please write us a mail, so wo can put you on our list again...

And most of all, to all "our" puppie"owners;

If you have sent us some new picture of your dogs the last two months, please send it again...., we have lost this too...

A lot of updates on our homepage... but more will come.....and maybe something is missing, but be patient...

First of all:


We have lost our wonderful dog:

Norw Ch Vetstertorp`s Viva de la Vega " Vega"


All puppies in our N and O litter have finally got their own page

Chevy`s Oaktavo and Chevy`s Nihndigo

Chevy`s Nihx

Chevy`s Nihndigo

Chevy`s Nihke

Chevy`s Nihce

Chevy`s Nihbliz

Chevy`s Nihmon

Chevy`s Nihgo

Chevy`s  Nihnja


Chevy`s Oakley


Chevy`s Oakey

Chevy`s Oaktavo

Chevy`s Oaknuria

Chevy`s Oaktava

Chevy`s Nihmon  Chevy`s Nihx  Chevy`s Oakantoh


Norw Danish Champion Chevy`s Eyzer ( father to our N-litter ) was the Belgian Sheperd of the year ( Veteran) in Norway !


Chevy`s Kahoko was 4 th Best dog in Belgian of the Year in Norway, she was th best female....


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