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New picture of the puppies 27.01.2013

New pictures of Chevy`s Philgrim



Also new picture of   Chevy`s Kahnsaz



New picture of the puppies 13.01.2013




Puppies are born 09.12.2012!!!!

take a look at puppies page for more information




take a look at puppies page for more info


This dog need a new home :

(Please contact me for more information)


Chevy`s Nihndigo

( Chevy`s Eyzer  x Corsini Tarantella )


Specialityshow in Stavanger 16 September 2012 :

Chevy`s Luca : got CAC, and was 2nd best female

Chevy`s Oakantoh: Got res.CAC and was BOB, and BIS 2

Chevy`s Fargas: got res.CAC, and was BOS in Veteranclass

Chevy`s Nihnja: Got res. CAC and was 3 best female

Chevy`s Kahriff:

and the puppies:

Chevy`s Philgrim ( 2`nd best male puppy) , Chevy`s Phija (2`nd ), Chevy`s Phiz (3`rd) and Chevy`s Philadelphia (4`th) female puppy.

Chevy`s Philgrim  Chevy`s Phija  Chevy`s Phiz  Chevy`s Philadelphia


and I have got some new picture of  their sister Chevy`s Phi :

Chevy`s phi


At NKK`s international show Saturday 15 September:

Chevy`s Kahriff got res. CAC, and was BOS


Some new photo`s of : Chevy`s Luca and Chevy`s Oakantoh





Puppies has left to their new homes a couple of weeks ago..... and have got their own page... new picture will come...

Chevy`s Philgrim

Chevy`s Philadelphia

Chevy`s Phisa

Chevy`s Phi

Chevy`s Phiz

Chevy`s Phija




new picture of the puppies:

click at the picture to see more .....




Puppies 2 week

Click at the picture to see more.....



Puppies are born !!!!

1 male and 5 female

Take a look at puppiepage for more information






Chevy`s Oakantoh ( Uraz van de Hoge Laer  x  Chevy`s Djinga )






Judge : Craig Fynmore

Chevy`s Luca got CAC, was BOB and  BEST IN SHOW !!!!!


...and we got this from our "training"friends.....  :-)

THANK YOU so much <3.......




judge : Julie Fynmore

Chevy`s Luca:  2nd best female with res.CAC

Chevy`s Oakantoh: res.CAC

Chevy`s Kahriff : 2nd best male with res.CAC

 Chevy`s Luca  Chevy`s Oakantoh Chevy`s Kahriff 

and Chevy`s Kahrma could not be judged because she was limping :-(

Chevy`s Kahrma  Chevy`s kahrma


New picture`s of :

Chevy`s Luca and Chevy`s Oakantoh

Chevy`s Nihmon

Chevy`s Kahn

Chevy`s Luclotus

and some updates on healtinfo in K-Litter, L-litter, N-Litter and O-Litter...... phu....





Our Dog page

Chevy`s Luca picture page

Corsini Tarantella picturpage

HighClearing`s Friendship picturepage

Chevy`s Nihnja Hips and Elbows free


After about 3 years, I am trying to "put together" the website again.... many people have missed it..

I hope it wont take 3 more years to come back "up to date" ;)
A lot is still missing, but it comes after a while. Now at least a lot is back up again
(for those of you that have dogs from kennel Chevy, please feel free to send me updates if you have some)




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